DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s a show about how some people are following their dreams of opening a small business.

Detroiter Gary Bredo created and is host of the docu-series “Start Up” which is in its second season.

“Start Up is… basically it’s is a deep view into the world of the American entrepreneur,” Bredo told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Stephanie Davis.

Bredo explained the series following aspiring entrepreneurs as they try to make it.

“You know, how did the average person go from either working at a job and not being happy, having a dream in the back of their mind, to starting a successful business?” Bredo said. “I think it gives people the ability to see that they could do it too … It lets people have the ability to compare and contrast their own story to people that have done it.”

Start Up Season 2 premiers Tuesday on Public Television and will air on more than 350 stations across the country. This season will feature small business owners from 12 cities including, Atlanta, GA,  Louisville, KY, Cedar Rapids, IO, Nashville, TN, Birmingham, AL, Asheville, NC, Edwardsville, IL, Somerset Center, MI, Iowa City, IO, Madison ,WI, Minneapolis, MN and St. Louis, MO.

“It’s estimated that 85 percent of new businesses fail,” said Bredow. “From America’s heartland to the deep south, we are seeing average Americans doing extraordinary things.  We’re excited to share their stories.”

“…It basically just runs the gamete of different businesses,” added director Jenny Feterovich, also of Detroit.  “Anything from a tech company all the way to like a local bike shop.”

For more information about the show, visit


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