SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – A new app could change the face of social media.

Imagine getting a daily, instant video message from the world of your favorite celebrities. WWJ’s Tom Jordan sat down with My Pro founder Andrew McGarry to learn more about software that does just that.

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“We’ve created a landscape and a platform for professionals from all walks of life to be able to come to one place, monetize their digital content, inspire their fan bases and transform the next generation of people.” said McGarry.

McGarry is a Michigan native and the founder of My Pro — a smartphone application that gives users the ability to be both inspired and entertained via celebrity superstars from the world of sports, business and entertainment.

Can users expect A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga? Not currently, but they have recruited some of their closest associates to give a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening. “… we have their band leaders, their musical directors that are all part of My Pro …,” said McGarry.

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Social networking sites like Instagram are popular with celebrities who often share short videos or images with their fans, but McGarry points out a difference in his service, “This is what I mean about it kind of being kind of social media on steroids. This is where the fan base gets intimate contact into the world of these pros — 5-minute clip at a time.”

McGarry says the mission of My Pro is to provide unique digital content from renowned professionals to motivate and inspire the world to tap into their own personal greatness. “… if it’s in people and that’s never been brought out of them — I hope and pray that through this platform that these pros are able to do that,” he said.

My Pro is currently available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. A Windows version is in development.

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This feature is part of the Eye On Detroit series as seen on CBS 62.