DETROIT (WWJ) – October is Women’s Self-Defense Month. In recognition, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department is offering free classes where sheriff’s deputies show women how to protect themselves.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard stopped by the WWJ studios to talk about self-defense and the importance of having a plan.

“If you find yourself being assaulted or attacked, think those things to yourself in advance, think – what would I do? The most important muscle you have and the most important weapon you have is your brain – so if you can remain calm and have a plan or some idea for some training or some different kind of tactics you might employ,” said Bouchard.

He says to think about the situation in advance and to have a course of action in mind.

“Whatever you do to survive is best decided by you. You know your capabilities you know what you are willing to do and not do – but think that through a little bit in advance … we are not suggesting to be afraid or paranoid, but be prepared. Information is power.”

The self-defense classes are held every Saturday through October – Act Fast [Classes] Are Filling Quickly.



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