By: Evan Jankens

Of all the female sports you may want to watch, you have to admit volleyball players really exude sex appeal. I’m sure they’re talented, but they also wear these skin-tight shorts … well, enough said.

I know the booty shaking is not intentional, but I believe most of them really know what they are doing. Heck, one of my coworkers said a man in their family records volleyball games (ahem) “for the love of the game.”

Anyway I have compiled a list of the hottest NCAA volleyball players. Enjoy!

Haley Little – University of Alabama

Misty Ma’a – University of Miami

Andrea Roach – University of Findlay

Lainy Pierce – Penn State

Chandler Goodwin – Hartford

Katie George – University of Louisville

Abbie Fleener – University of Central Florida

Caitlin Ogletree – Cincinnati

Julianne Blomberg – Iowa

Brooke Sassin – Kansas State

Emily Ehrle – LSU

Jackie Napper – University of Kentucky

Sydney Darden – ECU

Kelli Browning – Creighton University

Ellie Rauch – Marquette

Now it’s time to vote… who is the hottest?



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