DETROIT (WWJ) – A semi-truck slams into a small church building near I-94 in Detroit Monday morning.

Police say a tanker truck failed to stop at the ‘T intersection’ and jack-knifed into the front of a small store-front style church reports WWJ’s Ron Dewey.

In the house next door, Emanuel Cruz heard the tire skids and crash.

“I was worried because I heard, like – you know, water dripping – but when I looked down there,I’m like, ‘I think that’s gas,'” said Cruz. “So I woke my dad up – saying, I think this is pretty serious.”

“It got me surprised because normally, my house, they always crash, like the drunk drivers – but I guess we were lucky and the church got hit,” he said with a slight laugh.

Neighbors say this is not the first time an accident like this has occurred.

“People don’t know how to slow down when they come off of (I) 94, so either that house or that church usually gets hit quite a bit. The largest vehicle yet to slam into the church,” said a woman from the area.

While there was no leakage from the tanker’s payload – fuel did leak from the cab’s fuel tank.

A small gas-line to the church was broken but turned off by DTE Energy crews.

No injuries have been reported.

Addison Avenue was blocked by the wreckage at the top of the ramp at west-bound I-94.


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