DETROIT (WWJ) – President Barack Obama is after your vote.

The President will be heading to the Detroit area to help out U.S. Senate candidate Gary Peters and gubernatorial hopeful Mark Schauer heading into the final week of the midterm campaign. Details of his visit weren’t immediately released.

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“This is somewhat of a shocker as the popular wisdom is the President is not very popular in Michigan, so why trot him into the state on behalf of Mark Schauer and Gary Peters,” said WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick. “But here’s the bottom line, it’s all about ginning up the Democratic base and getting those folks off their collective behinds and to the polls in November.”

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The President’s visit is the latest in a series of high-profile appearances during recent campaigns in Michigan.

“Basically, the people that don’t like Mr. Obama in this state are not going to vote for Schauer and Peters anyway,” Skubick said. “This is sort of a deal to close the deal, if it works. Some say it’s a political roll of the dice. Already, the Republicans are dumping all over this, but state Democrats think they’ve got a winner in the President. We’ll see if it works.”

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Former First Lady Hillary Clinton will be in town Thursday at Oakland University, also campaigning for Peters and Schauer. Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama was in town campaigning for the Democrats.