By: Evan Jankens

The L.A. Kings may have officially topped the Red Wings in my book.

Not only did they win a Stanley Cup in the 2011-12 and 2013-14 seasons….but they have “Ice Girls.”

Now, to be clear, these are not just some average run-of-the-mill girls rolling around on ice skates. These ladies could all pass for models.

Day one of auditions has taken place, and for lack of a better term, “Wow!”

These girls are all wearing yoga type pants as well as sports bras. My favorite part about the whole thing is these girls are really not required to be great skaters; and that doesn’t come as a shock, really.

Apparently there are a few guys on the “Ice Crew” too. (They didn’t have to wear sports bras, though).

In the video you will see these girls fall on their butts, learn how to pick up hats, and just flat-out look good on skates.



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