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(CBS Detroit) – With mere days left in election 2014, Gov. Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer took time out to appear on “Michigan Matters’ and fielded some tough questions from host Carol Cain.

The two gubernatorial candidates discussed what it will take to win on Nov. 4.

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(credit: Ken Bryant/CBS 62)

(credit: Ken Bryant/CBS 62)

(credit: Ken Bryant/CBS 62)

(credit: Ken Bryant/CBS 62)

Snyder, who is seeking a second term, discussed his track record and how the state’s finances and business conditions have improved under his watch.

(credit: James C. Turner/CBS 62)

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer takes time out to stop by “Michigan Matters” and talk with host Carol Cain about the final days of this election. (credit: James C. Turner/CBS 62)

Schauer, the former congressman from Battle Creek, countered only the richest taxpayers in the state have benefited from Snyder’s policies.

Schauer added that he will make sure the middle class does better if he prevails in his campaign to become the next governor.

The two candidates and their supporters have spent tens of millions of dollars to try and sway voters.

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Snyder talked about what upset him most during this historic election, while Schauer dismissed the biggest fallacy painted about him in some ads.

All agree it will be the undecided voters who will play a huge role in which candidate is left standing on Nov. 4.

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