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A Very Brady Hit

Breaking News: Tom Brady is lucky to be alive after taking this devastating hit last night during the Patriots Thursday Night Football match up against the NY Jets. [Insert eye roll here]

Story via CBS Boston

A Whole New World?

Oh, and speaking of pretty boy Patriot quarterbacks, apparently the team played a prank on rookie Jimmy Garoppolo – changing his locker room nameplate to “Prince Aladdin” right before the media arrived on Friday.

Those Patriots are regular comedians when they’re not cheating. #justkidding #sorrynotsorry

Story via CBS Boston

‘Cause I’m Happy

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Now, if you’re really interested in something funny check out Iman Shumpert’s voice as it provides the commentary during a recent postgame interview with Carmelo Anthony.

This makes me so happy, I’m crying.

Wine And Spirits?

Amar’e Stoudemire of the New York Knicks blew up Instagram yesterday when he posted a picure of himself bathing in wine  – which allegedly helps boost his post-workout recovery.

Ok. But I have a few questions. Aren’t you tempted to take even a little sip? And am I the only one who’s wondering who has to clean out that tub?

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New Twist On Political Finger-Pointing


Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently talked New York football with TMZ and after making it perfectly clear he is a hardcore Giants fan –  he agreed to weigh- in on the state of Rex Ryan and the Jets.

Basically, Giuliani told TMZ the fans shouldn’t blame blame Rex… they should blame his players.

So, does that mean we can all just blame John Idzik?

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