NOVI (WWJ) – A case of MRSA has been reported at Novi High School.

Administrators notified parents Tuesday morning that one student at the school has been diagnosed with MRSA, Methicillin-Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus — a strain of staph bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics.

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The school was notified on Monday of the student’s infection and took precautionary measures, including a deep-cleaning of the building.

Officials said only one student has been affected, and they are not an athlete. The student’s name was not released.

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Administrators say they will monitor the situation and issue any updates if necessary.

Most staph skin infections, including MRSA, appear as a bump or infected area on the skin that might be red, swollen and painful, accompanied by a fever. Sometimes these infections can be confused with spider bites. MRSA can cause severe problems such as bloodstream infections and pneumonia.

MRSA is spread through direct contact with an infected wound or by sharing personal items, such as towels or razors, that have touched infected skin.

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To reduce the risk of MRSA infection:

  • Maintain good hand and body hygiene. Wash hands often, and clean body regularly, especially after exercise.
  • Keep cuts, scrapes, and wounds clean and covered until healed.
  • Avoid sharing personal items such as towels and razors.
  • Get care early if you think you might have an infection.