DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey is predicting a larger than usual turnout this election cycle.

Winfrey says she expects roughly a 40 percent turnout Tuesday.

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She says about 56,000 absentee ballots were requested, and about 30,000 of those have been returned.

“Including the proposals … times the polling locations will be open, the I.D. requirement and the like,” said Winfrey. “Every last one of our supervisors or I should say at least one supervisor at every one of our polling locations will have this app.”

The name of the app: Vote4Detroit. Winfrey says it will let the user know where they go to vote, where the polling location is, and it tells them exactly what’s on the ballot.

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Winfrey says it’s a free download on smartphones.

Director of Elections, Will Wesley, describes what Detroiters can expect to see on the ballot this year.

“There will be a straight party contest on the ballot and with the straight party contest – it means that if you select a particular party – then all of the candidates that are in that party will receive a vote. With the general election and the straight party contest — mixed voting is allowed.”

The 2010 gubernatorial election saw 31 percent of eligible voters turning out at the polls.

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