Kane, WWE’s top monster, lists the scariest wrestlers ever and talks about his new horror movie “See No Evil 2” on the Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll.

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Simply put, there is no better guest to have on Halloween than WWE Superstar Kane.

He’s demonic, twisted, sinister and comes from the depths of Hell. That and he’s a butt-kicking machine with a red mask who is also carving out a name for himself as a Hollywood slasher.

I caught up with ‘The Big Red Monster’ just after the release of See No Evil 2, the sequel to WWE Studio’s first major release.

In the film, Kane resurrects the role of Jacob Goodnight, who has an insatiable appetite for gore and ruins a poor girl’s birthday party by going on a killing spree inside of a morgue.

Kane told me he thinks Goodnight ranks among the all-time great big screen slashers because of the uniqueness of the character.

“Jacob runs more on emotion and he thinks, whereas guys like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, they’re just instinctive (killers),” he said.

Only Hannibal Lecter ranks ahead of Goodnight on his list, purely because The Silence of the Lambs icon is “an intellectual monster” and more realistic than his over-the-top counterparts.

“He’s smarter than everybody else. That’s what makes him so dangerous and scary,” he said.

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But what about the scariest wrestlers in WWE history? I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask the man whom many would say tops the list of pro wrestlers most likely to scare the life out of you.

Kane’s list of most chilling wrestlers (in no particular order):

– Undertaker

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– Papa Shango

– Damien Demento

“I’d say there has been other people besides me that have sent shivers up people’s spines,” he humbly said.

I have to throw in Boogeyman, who was recently spotted at WWE headquarters scaring the ever-loving bejeebers out of the fine folks who work there.

There’s a ton of other stuff we covered in the interview, including his thoughts on the uncertain futures of both Undertaker and Daniel Bryan.

You’re going to want to listen to the full interview, trust me.

Here are a few highlights for those of you who are too lazy to listen.

On Undertaker wrestling another match

“I don’t know. You know, I don’t know. He’s one of the greatest competitors of all time. I think what it’s going to come down to with ‘Taker is that if he believes he can perform at the level he wants to perform at. That’s going to be the determining factor. That’s going to be for him to decide and no one else.”

On Daniel Bryan’s future

“He’s a very resilient guy and he’s going to be back. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those things. That’s what happens with injuries of this type. When you’re dealing with nerves and things like that, even the best doctors in the world aren’t always sure what’s going to happen. He’s really tough and the guy has fighting spirit. He’s going to be back at some point and hopefully sooner rather than later.”

The full interview can be heard at the top of the page. Naturally, it’s must-listen material.

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Chuck Carroll is former pro wrestling announcer and referee turned sports media personality. He once appeared on Monday Night RAW when he presented Robert Griffin III with a WWE title belt in the Redskins locker room.

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