DETROIT (WWJ) – Click on YouTube and you can learn just about anything from how to knit to how to paint a room… Now, there’s the Doggy Cooking Network.

The host (of what’s basically a cooking show that teaches pet owners how to make their own dog food) says many poet lovers turn to home cooking as they’re concerned about commercial foods due to past recalls, contaminations and ingredient mix-ups.

But, according to Bloomfield Hills veterinarian Jules Depore, there are several things to think about before preparing homemade food for your pooch.

“Short term it would be fine, but long-term it’s difficult to balance it well because you have to add in trace minerals like copper, magnesium, things like that that large food manufactures can measure up properly,” Depore said.

Deporre said that, just like humans, every dog has unique health needs to consider.

He suggests that pet owners who want to make their own dog food work with a professional to make sure they get it right for their pups.

Some colleges including Cornel University, Colorado State and UC Davis have nutritionists on staff who can help advise people on the subject, and there are some good websites with tips, too, including and


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