Local musician & teacher Jen David is working hard to open Third Wave Music…a much-needed music store, right in the heart of Detroit. Tonight, at the UFO Factory (at 2110 Trumbull in Detroit), she’s organized a terrific event, featuring live music, a silent art auction, DJs, and creole cuisine – all in the name of helping Detroit open a brick and mortar storefront for Third Wave Music.

Guitar for auction, designed by Kate Daughdrill

(photo courtesy of Jen David, Third Wave Music)

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Tonight’s event will feature a bevy of talented local musicians (including Jen’s own band, Mama Roux) – and the silent art auction will be centered around guitars that have been made into works of art by local artists!

CBS 62 got a chance to chat with Jen and get a behind-the-scenes look at how Third Wave Music got its start – as well as how Detroiters like you can help out. Check it out!

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a local musician, organizer, and teacher. I grew up working in a musical instrument shop my mom managed in the suburbs and want to take that experience and use it to open a much\-needed business and community resource in the city.

Talk to us about Third Wave Music – what’s the scoop?

Third Wave Music will be a full-service instrument shop that will serve all types of musicians and non-musicians alike. Whether you’re a curious kid who comes to one of our free community lessons, a professional gigging musician who needs a new pack of strings before a show, a student buying her first pack of saxophone reeds for band class, or a player in the DSO who broke a clarinet reed before a performance; we will be there for you.

We’ll be located in Forest Arms, which is nestled right in a creative corridor of the city. It’s a beautiful, historical 72-apartment unit building being renovated this year, and we’ll be in the commercial downstairs space. Being kitty corner to Wayne State’s School of Music, down the street from Detroit School of Arts, and a short bike ride to Cass Tech makes this an invaluable resource for music students.  And being in a neighborhood kinda centralized to where a lot musicians gig, live and hang out is good too.

The Detroit Federation of Musicians estimates there are 9,000-10,000 musicians in the Detroit area. There is not one place in the city to service all of these musicians. We can help with that.

Guitar for auction, designed by Joey Mazzola

(photo courtesy of Jen David, Third Wave Music)

How did you get involved?

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With being a musician? It’s kind of in my blood. My mom sells pianos, manages a music store, and my dad is a jazz pianist. Also, I need a sense of community to feel purposeful, so joining organizations like NCCU (who puts on Dally in the Alley) and helping organize events make me feel useful and being a part of bands makes me feel good and fulfills my need to express myself. It’s hard to do an original music project for the money, so Jeffrey Thomas (my partner, in life and the shop) and I decided to make a musical business to support ourselves.

What about Hatch Media, where is the connection with Third Wave Music?

Hatch Detroit is a group that gives away $50,000 a year to a local business, we were finalists in this year’s competition.

How can others get involved?
You can donate on our campaign to become a part of the Third Wave community; you can even get your name immortalized on the wall of our future store. Come out to our fundraiser on November 7th and hear some great music, or even send us your input! E-mail me what you’d like from your local music shop to jen@thirdwavy.com.

Tell me more about tonight’s event!

It’s going to be a live music event and silent auction. We’ve been organizing different artists to make art pieces out of guitars. Some are functional and some are amazing sculptures. You’ll be able to meet these new works and bid on these them at the event. Music will be by Passalacqua, Gabriel Brass Band, Little Animal and Jeffrey and I’s project Mama Roux.  Gabriel Brass Brand was also part of the Hatch competition, their business Gabriel Hall was a finalist biz. There will be also be DJs and a raffle featuring gift cards (Supinos, Cass Café, etc.), Third Wave swag, and other cool stuff.

Guitar for auction, designed by Christian Jay Sienkiewicz

(photo courtesy of Jen David, Third Wave Music)

Why do you think this is important for the Detroit community?

Detroit is a very musical city. When people think of Detroit they think of music and cars, so it only makes sense that musicians get the same resources as car people. This is not just a store, but also an integral piece of an artistic community that is missing. Future musicians need somewhere to go to be inspired, and current creators need something to help sustain their practice.

Anything else you’d like to add?

If you aren’t a musician, it still can be easy to see why a musical instrument store is important, and any little bit of support helps. A musical instrument shop supports musicians who inspire cities, and our students need the resources to continue their craft. Even if you can’t help monetarily, you can help by coming to our event, and sharing our indiegogo. Thanks!

Third Wave Music: Fundraiser Tonight!

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Well…we know what you’ll be doing tonight! For more information about Third Wave Music, check out their Facebook page HERE. To support their IndieGoGo campaign, click HERE.