When you take a selfie for the first time, you don’t expect it to be as epic as this.

Prince, wearing his black gloves, stood in front of the mirror and took a picture of himself with a real camera, not a smartphone. The 56-year-old music icon posted the photo on Facebook with the best caption ever: “KNOWTHYSELFIE.”

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Check out the picture.


Not on social media? You’re not alone.

Jennifer Lawrence stays away from the whole social media thing. She’s not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The 24-year-old actress says the Internet has scorned her so much. She’s had a tough time after hacked nude photos of her were published earlier this year.

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Sometimes the things that come out of Eminem’s mouth make you shake your head. In a freestyle music video, the 42-year-old raps about punching singer Lana Del Rey in the face like “Ray Rice”, the NFL star who was canned from the Baltimore Ravens after elevator video footage showed him beat his wife.

Not cool, Eminem.

Hear the rap.

Some artists do things that’ll really warm your heart.

Garth Brooks did just that. During his concert in Minneapolis, a woman held up a sign that read, “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight. Enjoy the dance.”

Brooks stopped mid-song to kiss her forehead and hand her his guitar. He then held up her sign and walked around the stage with it.

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Watch the heartwarming video.