By: Pat Caputo

1. Jim Schwartz is the defensive coordinator for the Bills, Marty Mornhinweg the offensive coordinator for the Jets. The Lions were known for bad defense when Schwartz was their head coach. The Lions were known for bad offense when Mornhinweg was their head coach. Game management was not exactly a strength for either. So this could be very interesting.

2. Bills’ defensive tackle Marcell Dareus is everything Ndamukong Suh is supposed to be. At 330 pounds, he is every bit as athletic as Suh, only 25 pounds heavier. Dareus has 28.5 sacks in 58 NFL games. Suh has 32 sacks in 72 NFL games. Dareus has 10 sacks this season, Suh 4.5. Dareus is averaging nearly a tackle more per game overall than Suh, too.

3. The Jets have some star power in Percy Harvin and Michael Vick.


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