The After School app (Screenshot)

The After School app (Screenshot)

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – Apple has put the kibosh on a social media application through iTunes which school officials claim was a tool for cyberbullying.

Pinckney Community Schools Superintendent Rick Todd says the “Funny Anonymous School News for Confessions and Compliments” app is no longer available.

“They were in correspondence with my assistant superintendent for technology getting clarification of what app it was, what the concerns were, and they were equally disappointed in how the app was being used,” said Todd.

The “After School App,” as it was called, generated cyberbullying through rude comments, suggestive pictures and videos, he said.

Todd told WWJ that the app looked like it was a friendly tool, one that could be useful; but in reality it was a device which allowed kids to be very mean to one another, and a place where videos of an adult nature starting appearing … “that is not appropriate for anybody to see.”

In Flushing, the schools want a list of kids who’ve used the app after a gun threat was made on the app this week. No gun was found in the schools.

Todd said, as of Thursday, the app was no longer available in iTunes.


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