DETROIT (WWJ) – An administrative order directing officers to meet quotas is causing some controversy in the Detroit Police Department.

A Dec. 2 message sent to officers in the 11th precinct by Captain Timothy Leach states “Every scout car is required to make three (3) traffic stops per shift and issue six (6) tickets.”

There’s just one problem with that: “Police quotas are illegal under Michigan law,” said WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton. “Police officers cannot issue a predetermined or specified number of citations.”

The president of the Detroit Police Officers Association union complained and Chief James Craig quickly stepped in, immediately stopping Leach’s order. He said the whole thing seems to be a miscommunication.

“I never authorized a quota system,” Craig told the Detroit News. “I met with the concerned commanding officer this morning who expressed that his direction was taken out of context and admitted that he is keenly aware of my prohibition concerning traffic enforcement quotas.”

Earlier this year, Craig stopped a similar order that instructed officers to stop at least one car per day.


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