By: Evan Jankens

Numbers are very important in sports. It’s how you identify your favorite player, it’s how you know who won, and who deserved to win.

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Suffice it to say, players are superstitious about them, too.

There have even been times when players kind of screw over the fans and change their number season to season. Think about it: Rasheed Wallace was traded to the Pistons, wore number 36, won a championship, and the following year he changed his number to 30.

Kobe Bryant always wore 8 with the Lakers and then decided to go to 24.

You have to appreciate a player who doesn’t change his number.

Billy Butler, now of the Oakland A’s, is one of those guys.

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Butler wore 16 with the Kansas City Royals for 2008-2014 (he wore 21 as a rookie in 2007), and it appears he will get Josh Reddick’s number off his back.

Reddick wore 16 with the A’s, but he traded his number 16 for a winch.

What’s a winch, you might ask? I actually had to look it up.

Winches are mostly used for four wheeling, pulling a vehicle out of mud or rough terrain. Basically, it’s a do-it-yourself tow kit.

The crazy part about it is you can purchase this same winch for $940 on Amazon.

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It looks like Reddick really didn’t care too much about the number 16.