By: Mike Sullivan

1. Michigan AD Jim Hackett Fires Brady Hoke: “Today, I informed Brady Hoke that he will not be returning as our football coach next year.”

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2. Michigan AD Jim Hackett Is Ending The Term “Michigan Man:“I want to get rid of the word ‘Michigan Man,” maybe today you could write about that.” (Then went on to give 3 reasons why)

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3. Stan Van Gundy Has An Awful, Messed Up Team: “Offensively, we continue to be awful. We’re really messed up right now. I mean, we’re really messed up as a team. Lot of dilemmas, lot of guys, I don’t know, feeling pressure, but we’re really not right mentally right now… We don’t play hard enough. There’s too many nights, in fact, almost every night, where the other team plays harder and with more energy than we do. You don’t deserve to win like that, you don’t”

4. Jim Caldwell On Why Ryan Broyles Isn’t Playing: “The simple reason is because he does exactly what Golden Tate does. I hope that kind of gives you an indication. It’s hard to pull Golden out of there and say ‘Hey Ryan, you go in there and do what Golden has been doing.’ Golden has been performing extremely well, so it’s difficult.”

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5. MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal On Potential Tigers Trades: “Sources: Tigers drawing strong interest in Price, Porcello. Both entering FA years. Unclear what Tigers would require for either Price or Porecello. Price projected arbitration number is $18.9 million. Porcello $12.2 million.”