By @GeorgeJFox

Beyond his impressive talents at Left Wing, Brendan Shanahan also has a razor-sharp wit.

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During the ’02 Stanley Cup Playoffs vs the Carolina Hurricanes, Shanahan was spending some time in the penalty box. A female heckler was giving him an earful and apparently an eyeful as well.

Wearing a sleeveless shirt, Shanny had a view of her armpits. Who knows if she actually had hairy pits, but Shanny gave her the universal sign for shaving there and mouthed the words, “that’s nasty.”

You don’t see what happens next, but I’m guessing she was put out of commission for a while. The delivery and comedic timing was perfect. That’s a pretty devastating comeback.

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Shanahan is in the Hockey Hall of Fame and won 3 Stanley Cups during his time with the Detroit Red Wings. He’s currently the President of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the head of NHL player discipline. Would he suspend himself for this kind of action today?

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