By Tom Millikan

The Arizona Cardinals won again Thursday night 12-6 in St. Louis to improve their record to 11-3. The Cardinals still hold the #1 seed in the NFC, but they have a huge game looming as they host the Seahawks next Sunday night. If the Cardinals secure home field, they could have the inside track to being the first team to host the Super Bowl.

The Cardinals have just one tiny little problem though — they might not have a quarterback. Former Lion Drew Stanton went down with a knee injury Thursday night. It looked as if Stanton could be done for the year. If Stanton is done, are the Cardinals prepared to sacrifice a special season on third stringer Ryan Lindley? A stubborn NFL coach probably would be. An NFL coach who thinks and acts a little outside the box like Bruce Arians might look for an alternative… An extreme alternative.

I know I will be crucified for this, but I really believe the Arizona Cardinals should call Kurt Warner and Brett Favre to gauge their interest on making an NFL cameo. It sounds crazy, but the Cardinals must be honest with themselves. They don’t have a shot in hell at winning a Super Bowl if Ryan Lindley is their quarterback.

Warner makes way more sense to me than Favre. Warner played for the Cardinals leading them to a Super Bowl just six years ago. He continues to live in Arizona so the transition could be smooth. Arizona now has 10 days to get ready for the Seahawks so there is a little extra time to prepare.

You’ve got to think Warner would at least think about it. He only has to play two regular season games and possibly three or four playoff games. It would be a chance to solidify his Hall of Fame candidacy and provide an off-the-hook story book ending to his remarkable career. All that is in the way is if the organization is stubborn or Warner doesn’t want to risk staining his career. I say put that aside… Take a chance for a shot at one more ring and Arizona’s first Super Bowl championship.


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