I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “time is really flying”. As December is winding down and 2014 is coming to an end, some of the seasons this year seemed like they would never end … like last winter.

CBS 62 Chief Meteorologist Jim Madaus takes a look at the weather for 2014 here in the Metro Detroit area, from all the snow last winter to the refreshing summer days to the end of the year.

January is billed as the coldest season of the year and it lived up to that reputation. -40 overnight windchill temps, all-time January snowfall record

February brought more severe weather with 29 inches of snow. The roads took a beating as well causing massive potholes.

March had it’s temperature ups and downs. On the 12th we saw another snowstorm that dropped 6.6 inches. Come on spring!

April answered the big question of “did we break the snow record.” The answer was yes at 94.9″. The old record was set in 1880-81 at 93.6″. We saw more than double the average snowfall of 42.5″.

May brought out the blooms as well as thunderstorms, tornado warnings and record breaking heat.

June was beautiful and warm … savor that feeling. Remember it in January.

July saw more great seasonable weather and could be summed up with one syllable … ah.

August temps were in the 80s more than half of the month. More than 6 inches of rain caused major flooding and wreaked havoc on roadways and basements.

September kicked off a pleasant fall with normal temperatures and precipitation.

October brought that summer feeling to a halt with cold and snow already in the forecast.

November was bitter cold when the polar vortex came in way earlier than expected.

December rolled back around and winter is knocking on the door. Are you ready?

Experiencing all four seasons is something every Michigander has an opinion on. Some love to see the change and enjoy the snow. Others complain and endure it for reasons of their own.

Where do you come down on the seasons debate, beautiful, unbearable or a little of both? Is Michigan weather everything people talk about?

Here’s to an enjoyable forecast for 2015.


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