By: Mike Sullivan

Jim Harbaugh was a guest on Rich Eisen’s radio show this afternoon.

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It was one big love-fest between two Michigan alums. Towards the end of the interview, it basically turned into a personal conversation about what they both love about Ann Arbor.

There were a couple of interesting notes that came out of their discussion, though.

First and foremost, Jim Harbaugh has not seen a game at Michigan Stadium since 1987.

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Eisen asked Harbaugh when the last time he was at the Big House to watch a Michigan game. Harbaugh replied by saying, “Last time I was there was during the NFL strike in 1987.”

Eisen also asked Harbaugh who he will be rooting for in the national championship game between Oregon and Ohio State on Monday.

Harbaugh said, “I’m going to be rooting for Ohio State. I’m a Midwesterner. I was raised in Ohio, went to Michigan, raised in Michigan as well. For Big Ten football, for midwest football, I think it’s just fabulous that a team in our conference is playing in that game.”

Meanwhile, Brady Hoke was on ESPN today talking about the national championship game. He accidentally called Ohio State, “Ohio” before correcting himself.

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Will you be rooting for the Buckeyes on Monday?