By Dan Jenkins

Michigan and Michigan State fans alike can enjoys this.

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Two former Wolverines — recently fired head coach Brady Hoke and wide receiver Desmond Howard — poked fun at themselves on Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segment in preparation for the College Football Playoff Championship Game on Monday.

Hoke and Howard joined some ESPN personalities — including Lou Holtz and Tim Tebow — in being the butt of the joke for a moment by reading some harsh tweets about themselves. Howard’s read:

Desmond Howard’s mustache looks like the starting point of a maze.

— @talkhoops

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Hoke’s was a little better:

Brady Hoke is proof that Fred Flintstone would be a terrible college football coach.

— @banditref

Hoke didn’t look too happy, responding only with a “really?” This is great and it brings us back to a few segments we did ourselves…

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