ROSEVILLE (WWJ) -The investigation into who left an infant baby boy to die inside of a recycling bin in Roseville has shifted to mid-Michigan.

Investigators say the child’s frozen body, discovered one week ago by employees at the Re-Community Recycling Center on Groesbeck Highway, was found a midst newspapers and mail from outside of the metro area.

“The majority of that mail and local newspapers came from the Roscommon, Arenac and Midland county area of our state,” said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin.. “As a result of that we are fairly confident that this child came from that region. Our detectives are now touching base with local authorities to try to follow up … to see if we can come up with any leads on who did this.”

Investigators have been trying to track down the mother after the baby was found late last Wednesday by workers on a sort line, wrapped in a bundle among other recyclables.

“We’ve come to call this baby ‘our baby’ here in town,” he said. “It’s become a personal issue with a lot of the officers here and we really want to find out who did this.”

The chief is calling the case “priority one” within his department.

Authorities initially thought the baby might have belonged to a 25-year-old Lansing area woman who is charged in the 2013 death of her newborn daughter. While awaiting trial, Melissa Mitin allegedly gave birth to another child, a baby boy — but told police she could not recall where he is. She’s now back behind bars but her baby is still missing.

A DNA test did not match Mitin to the body of the baby found at the recycling center.

Anyone who might have information on the case is urged to contact police at 586-447-4483.

Authorities are reminding the public that Michigan has a “safe haven” law — which allows parents to safely surrender their newborn child, no more than 72-hours-old, to an employee who is inside and on duty at any hospital, fire department or police station, or by calling 911. This program is a safe, legal and anonymous alternative to abandonment or infanticide, and releases the newborn for placement with an adoptive family.


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