DETROIT (WWJ) – At the conclusion of the special advance screening of “The Boy Next Door” that I attended, a man sitting in the row behind me remarked that he thought the movie reminded him of those made-for-TV movies seen on Lifetime.

Actually, the movie reminds me of the hit 1987 film, “Fatal Attraction,” starring Michael Douglas as the married Dan Gallagher and Glenn Close as stalker Alex Forrest who — after a one-night stand with Gallagher — comes back again and again to haunt him and his family.

This new take on that very familiar story stars Jennifer Lopez as high school teacher Claire Peterson and Ryan Guzman as Noah, her handsome and very chiseled 19-year-old neighbor.

Following a night of indiscretion on Claire’s part, she has second thoughts and tries to break off the relationship. But, true to form, Noah refuses to take no for an answer and goes to extreme lengths to change Claire’s mind.

“The Boy Next Door” isn’t a bad film; it just doesn’t break any new ground and it leaves a number of questions unanswered. For example, without spoiling anything for moviegoers who plan to see the movie, who wouldn’t call the police once they felt their life were in danger? And when people close to them start getting killed?

In addition to starring in the film, J-Lo is also an executive producer of “The Boy Next Door.” And while the film doesn’t break any new ground, with J-Lo and the very good-looking Ryan Guzman in the two leading roles, it’s sure to pack theaters this weekend. If you go, consider it a guilty pleasure.

See you at the movies!

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