By: Evan Jankens

Tinder is an interesting app you can install on your smart phone to meet, let’s say, other like-minded individuals. If you both like the looks of the other person, you can date for any length of time, from one night to multiple meetings.

And then you move on.

I admit I have messed around on Tinder before. You can essentially say whatever you want to people without any repercussions. Think they’re hot? Tell them exactly how you feel.

Eventually, you learn the hard way that the people on the other end of Tinder really do exist.

I let my friend Julia use my Tinder account over a year ago and have fun with people and say the most outlandish stuff possible. Then the unthinkable happened: I ran into someone she was messaging and had no idea who they were.

Let’s just say they were not the most attractive person in the world and I had apparently been a fan — a very, very big fan.

I learned the hard way and haven’t used the app in over a year.

Patriots Julian Edelman is learning the hard way about the app as well.

One girl allegedly slept with Edelman and then made the photo of him sleeping her profile pic on Tinder. Click HERE to see the NSFW image.

It’s not too shocking that Edelman uses Tinder since he has talked about it on his Twitter account in the past.

He did deny he had an account over a year ago, but Sabrina “no lie” is telling a different story. Note to Edelman: If you sleep with strangers you meet on Tinder, they will talk.


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