MACKINAC COUNTY (WWJ) — The Michigan DNR has now confirmed nearly 30 Upper peninsula cougar sightings with the emergence of a new video this week showing one in Mackinac County.

The 60 second video contains footage from a trail camera that was setup by hunters from Remus who discovered a deer kill site.

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The footage revealed a male cougar who repeatedly returned to eat the deer carcass. The footage was verified and confirmed by DNR Wildlife Division staff.

DNR officials say the animals are believed to be young individuals dispersing from established populations in the Dakotas in search of new territory; and there is no evidence of a breeding population of cougars in the state.

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Although the likelihood of encountering a cougar in the wild is “very small” and attacks are “extremely rare,” according to the DNR, the agency does offer tips the following tips for what to do if you do come upon a cougar:

  • Face the animal and do not act submissive. Stand tall, wave your arms, and talk in a loud voice.
  • Never run from a cougar or other large carnivore. If children are present, pick them up so they cannot run.
  • If attacked, fight back with whatever is available. DO NOT play dead.
  • Report the encounter to local authorities and the DNR as soon as possible.

Cougar photos and other evidence — such as tracks, scat or cached kills — should be reported to a local DNR office or through the DNR’s online reporting form AT THIS LINK.

The DNR says cougars or large exotic cats that are a direct and immediate threat to human life may be killed under Michigan law.

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