By Edward Cardenas

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – Little Caesars’ newest pizza was released Monday in all its bacon infused glory.

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The Detroit-based company took its pepperoni DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza, topped it with bacon crumbles and then wrapped the crusts in 3 1/2 feet of bacon.

Samples of the new pizza were delivered to the CBS Detroit offices for employees to try on the day it was released nationwide in participating restaurants.

I was able to try a slice before a swarm of my colleagues descended on the public area of our office for the salty, cheesy and chewy eight-slice pizza.

The bacon on the crust of the pizza we tried was crisp, and not overdone. For those who eat their pizza from the inside to the crust, they don’t have to wait to bite into bacon pay dirt.

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There are bacon crumbles sprinkled over the top of the pizza, which provide a salty taste among the cheese, crust and sauce. If you don’t have a bite of bacon, then the diner is likely to get a taste of slightly spicy pepperoni.

Along the crust, the crispy bacon provides a unique taste on the crunchy exterior of the pizza.

So for those who eat pizza crust first, or interior first, there is always bacon.

This is the latest innovation for Little Caesars, and it is only available for a short time. According to the company,

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The bacon wrapped pizza will be sold for $12, plus tax where applicable, it will be available “Hot and Ready” from 4-8 p.m., and by request until late April.