I was half listening to the recent State of the City speech droning from another room when something struck me. The mayor’s voice sounds very familiar.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan sounds like Bob Odenkirk of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” fame.

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I’m not alone here. I mentioned the concept in a tweet during the SOTC and got a favorite.

Others have noticed the same thing and tweeted about it.

As seen as the featured media in this post, YouTube user Club Chaos posted a mashup of audio from a Duggan speech with video of old Odenkirk standup. Props to cutting to reaction shots of the crowd when Duggan gets a laugh. Brilliant.

I binge-watched all five seasons of “Breaking Bad” so Odenkirk’s voice is engraved in a little corner of my memory, but you might need to watch some of Saul Goodman’s best lines for a refresher.

For best results, listen to Duggan’s voice without seeing him. He only bears a vague resemblance of Odenkirk and the effect isn’t the same.

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