By Christy Strawser
After announcing a blockbuster eight-show stint in Detroit, Motown native Kid Rock sat down for a far-reaching interview where he discussed everything from becoming a grandfather to living in double-wide trailers with fancy toilets inside.

Along the way, he also talked about the Brew Detroit microbrewery that’s now brewing up his BADASS Beer again, after the former distributor went bankrupt. And he discussed the theory behind his wildly successful low-cost concerts where beer is cheap and tickets are $20 each.

“I bet on myself,” Kid Rock said, admitting he got very scared no one would show up when he first came up with the concept of performing many shows in a row at a low cost to fans. He said he’s able to do it by negotiating the show himself and cutting out managers.

“I almost make as much as when we were charging $60 … per ticket,” he revealed. “I get a piece of the beer, the peanuts all the **** that goes into it.”

He called the system “better than fair.” Referring to himself as a rich man, Kid Rock said he doesn’t think about money first thing in the morning, and that’s his best luxury.

He does have a granddaughter, who was born Christmas Day, and revealed he will be called “Paw Paw.” “I’m going Southern all the way,” he said, adding becoming a grandfather at 44 years old gives him “Hillbilly street cred.”

But becoming a father at 21 years old wasn’t the way his son really aggravated him. That happened the time he took his teen to the movie theater and his son slunk to a seat far away from him.

He wasn’t having it. “When we sit down, you f*** sit next to me!” Kid Rock said, laughing and recounting what he told his son.

CLICK HERE to watch the video, but note it includes explicit language.

Turns out, Pamela Anderson’s ex really did tell Elton John he “is the most heterosexual man in the world.”


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