DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit is on its way to financial security after exiting municipal bankruptcy just months ago, and some elected city officials think they should be getting paid more for their roles in the process.

City Council President Brenda Jones and Clerk Janice Winfrey stood Wednesday in front the Detroit Elected Officials Compensation Commission and said they are overworked and underpaid, and have been for quite some time.

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Jones makes almost $77,000 a year, while Winfrey pulls down around $73,000. Both also have access to take-home city-owned cars.

Jones told the commission that elected officials haven’t had a raise since 2001, and the last time their salaries were adjusted was in 2010 when they took a 10 percent pay cut.

Winfrey told WWJ’s Charlie Langton that the “timing might be terrible” but she feels justified.

“I asked them if they would consider not pairing the city clerk’s salary with the city council’s salary. I asked them to consider restoring the 10 percent, as they reinstated the city employees. I also asked them to consider that I operate the largest and the most complex city clerk operation in the state of Michigan, that I oversee a budget of $13 million and approximately 200 full- and part-time employees,” Winfrey said.

So, how much does she think is fair?

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“That’s their job to determine,” Winfrey said. “You know, in reality, the council has approved several contracts for appointees that have been well over $150,000 a year and some as much as a quarter of a million dollars a year. I don’t know of anybody that works quite that hard in city hall. I think it’s only fair that they restore the 10 percent that was taken from us, as they have restored it with the city employees.”

Winfrey knows a lot of people will be shaking their heads when they hear she’s asked for a pay raise, but she said those people should consider all of her responsibilities.

“To the people who might say I knew the salary when I took it: Actually I didn’t, but I do know this is not the salary that I was sworn in at initially. It’s 10 percent less,” she said.

The commission meets again March 16. If the board decides to recommend a pay raise, the City Council would then vote on the changes.

Meantime, a spokesman for Mike Duggan says the mayor is satisfied with his annual salary of $158,559.

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Do you think Detroit city officials deserve a raise? The public is encouraged to give their input on the issue by sending an email to