By Jackie Paige

DETROIT (WWJ) – Orange Is The New Black. It’s a number one Netflix series about women in prison. Some say it glorifies something that is actually a nightmare.

In this four-part series WWJ’s Jackie Paige talks with three separate women who served time … and they say there is nothing glamorous about doing time.

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Ivy, 31, served over seven years for unarmed robbery. She says when the crime was being committed, she didn’t even know it was happening.

“I was incarcerated for unarmed robbery and conspiracy to commit unarmed robbery. What happened is – a robbery was set up and I did not know about it but I ended up knowing the person that committed the robbery and they ended up saying that I knew and so I ended up serving time for that,” said Ivy.

“It was the worst experience of my life but then at the same time it was a very big blessing for me because it was what it took for me to get to be a better person.”

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Ivy says she probably never would have served time had she told the truth about what happened that day.

“I was fearful for my life and for the life of my family and so that’s why I felt the need not to testify and not tell. So, I just took the blame for everybody,” said Ivy.

Prison was the worst experience of her life and she will never go back.

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“You are stripped of everything, there are only two things you can do in prison without asking; breathing and blinking,” she says. “You are a grown woman and you have to ask if you can go to the bathroom and you have to wait for them to say ‘okay, it’s time for you to eat.’ They tell you when to turn the lights out and when to turn the TV out – there is nothing that you can say, ‘I’m going to get up and I’m going to go to the store, I’m going to go to the gas station today. I’m going to see my children – it’s a horrible experience. I would never want anyone to experience.”