SANDUSKY, Ohio (CBS Detroit) – For those who just can’t wait for summer, Cedar Point is offering a behind-the-scenes peek at work on the park’s newest thrill ride.

The photos show Derek Dice, a controls technician in the park’s maintenance division, installing connections to Rougarou’s retractable floor.

The ride, which Cedar Point touts as a “new floorless roller coaster,” will premiere this season utilizing the structure and track of the now-defunct Mantis “stand up” ride – which was scrapped due to unpopularity.  New will be a paint job and completely redesigned trains.

[Cedar Point To Remodel Mantis Roller Coaster Into Floorless ‘Rougarou’]

“There is a lot of buzz online already about our new floorless roller coaster Rougarou,” Cedar Point Public Relations Manager Bryan Edwards told CBS Detroit. “With a 145-foot-tall lift hill, four inversions, speeds of over 60 mph and more, Rougarou is going to provide a unique and thrilling ride experience.”

Work transforming Mantis to Rougarou. (credit: Cedar Point)

Work transforming Mantis to Rougarou. (credit: Cedar Point)

[The Port Clinton New Herald has some more photos HERE].

For metro Detroiters already planning their 2015 Cedar Point trip, Edwards offered some tips:

“The best times to come to Cedar Point are early in the season (weekdays in May and June are the best),” Edwards said. “And don’t forget, there are a lot of great ways to save money on admission. Check out our online ticket offers, get a group rate (groups start at just 15 people!), or stop by any Meijer before you come to the park for some money-saving offers on admission.”

The amusement park opens in just 50 days, and it’s clear on Facebook that fans are excited.

“Ready! Millennium force and top thrill dragster front seat!!” commented KeMira Hurt.

Posted John Brohl, “Cedar Point is the best theme park in the world no questions asked.”

A few, though, are skeptical Rougarou will offer much that Mantis did not. “Oh look the painted the Mantis and gave it a fresh new name. Zzzzzz,” wrote Chris Kocher.

For park operation dates, hours and more information, visit this link.
See photo of video renderings of Rougarou, here.


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