EAST LANSING (WWJ) — More than a dozen Michigan State University students are facing charges over celebrations in the streets of East Lansing after the team’s Sweet Sixteen win on Friday and an Elite Eight victory on Sunday.

Thirteen MSU students were charged with disorderly conduct after the two NCAA-related street celebrations. Lt. Steve Gonzales said that some were charged for being too close to a fire and others for tossing objects — mainly bagels — into the crowd.

“What we did see that caused us some concern is as soon as everybody started throwing those bagels up in the air and it continued for quite a bit of time, the intensity and the hype of the crowd really began to increase,” Gonzales said. “In our experience, what we’ve seen when a crowd behaves like that, is that it certainly leads to bigger problems.”

The students were all charged and released. If convicted, they could get up to three months in jail.

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“Several of the individuals were arrested for being within 300 feet of an open fire, and then there were a few individuals that were arrested for the disorderly conduct code that prohibits the propelling of objects into a street or sidewalk,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said that there were fewer arrests than in March Madness celebrations in recent years, but said that it could continue into next weekend’s Final Four.

The Spartans are scheduled to take on the Duke Blue Devils on Saturday at 6:09 p.m. in Indianapolis.


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