By: Evan Jankens

Sitting behind Magic Johnson during Michigan State’s Elite Eight game were Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford and his fiancee Kelly Hall.

For whatever reason, people were upset on social media that Stafford was caught during the game without a smile. And yet once again, we all learned that Hall doesn’t take well to potshots at her man.

This isn’t the first time Stafford has attended a Michigan State game though.

You also have to remember that Stafford’s former teammate, Drew Stanton, was a Spartan, and he might have had some influence.

People still had smart Alec comments about Stafford being in attendance.

Kelly Hall didn’t take light to the criticism.

The caption reads, “When is it ever gonna be good enough? Sorry we flew from Atlanta to Syracuse to watch, not even OUR college team play, but the team who knocked our school out of the tournament. We went to support MSU and the state of Michigan. Sorry he wasn’t clapping in the one photo you got of him. #gimmieanfingbreak”

She did post a couple other photos from the game.

I have no problem Matthew Stafford rooting on the Spartans. How do you feel about it?


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