By: Evan Jankens

I knew the moment would come when someone would try to do something ridiculous on Craigslist for Final Four tickets.

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And here it is:

An Indianapolis Craigslist ad has one woman willing to kiss and flash her boobs in order to get tickets.

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She did a good job at selling herself by saying she is attractive and will give that boob flash. It’s good to know that tickets are starting at $721.

I am an attractive Michigan State graduate in my 20’s and would be more than willing to offer a kiss and boob flash to anyone willing to part ways with a Final Four ticket to the Michigan State vs. Duke game in Indianapolis next Sunday (April 4th, 2015). =)

I will be coming to town next Friday (April 3rd) and would be able to pick up the tickets that evening, if available.

In all seriousness I actually expected a lady to offer up a little more than a boob flash, but then again for all I know it could be a random dude posting this as well.

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If someone is willing to give a ticket for just a kiss or a boob flash, they either have way too much money or are really desperate.