By: Mike Sullivan

Let’s be honest, watching puppies predict the winner of the NCAA Final Four is a lot more entertaining than listening to experts break down the games.

Over the years, Jimmy Fallon’s prediction puppies have been a staple of his show. They seem to be correct around 60% of the time. An example is back in 2013 when they correctly predicted the Ravens to beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl aka “Harbaugh Bowl,” or when they told us the Red Sox would top the Cardinals in the World Series that same year.

This is how the puppy prediction concept works:

Fallon sets out four bowls of food with each dish representing one of the Final Four teams. When he unleashes the bunch of puppies, the Final Four winner is determined by which dish has the most puppies eating from it at once.

The puppies decided that Michigan State will win the Final Four.

However, Jimmy Fallon referred to the Spartans multiple times as “Michigan.” For some reason, a lot of national broadcasts have often been calling Michigan State, “Michigan.”

We’ll see if the puppies are correct this weekend.


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