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#1 Wisconsin Vs #1 Duke
Lucas Oil Field, Indianapolis Tip 9:19 Monday April 6th
(Line Pick-Em)

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Well, it all comes down to this. After Kentucky’s undefeated dream died at the hands of the Badgers late Saturday Night in Indy, you now have the two teams that have clearly played the best overall basketball throughout the entire tourney going at each other for all the marbles.

While Kentucky might have been 38-0 coming onto their Semi-Final against Wisky, the Badgers have simply played at another level since they first took the court this NCAA tourney and they are simply going crazy all throughout Badger nation after they got their sweet revenge over the Wildcats and busted millions of brackets in the process.

Duke, to be honest, has played the best overall basketball of any team throughout the tournament. Their inside-outside game with Okefor, Cook, and Winslow have been simply unstoppable and bent Michigan State over the barrel and showed them the 50 States.

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They also present major match-up problems for Wisconsin if their big three are playing at the highest level. The question is after a blowout romp over Michigan State in the national semi, will the Devils be ready for a Wisky team that is simply in the stratosphere after taking down undefeated Kentucky?
Leach and NCAAOfficial #DTMPredictionSasquatch Selection-We all know that Duke is 9-0 and has won four national titles when playing a Final Four in a city that ends with “Anapolis”, but insane stats are made to be broken, just ask Kentucky:) As great as Duke has played this tourney, the badgers are the perfect remedy to wreck that.

Kaminsky, Dekker, and company simply are too good when the game is on the line and Bo Ryan seems destined to win his first National title. Look for this to be an absolute slugfest for the first 35 minuets, but at the most critical juncture of the game, Dekker and Frank the Tank will take over and lead Bucky to heights they haven’t reached since 1941! It has been a hell of a run for Wisconsin and they will be partying throughout the Midwest in celebration of one of the best “teams” to cut down the nets in recent memory.

DTM record since Sweet Sixteen (11-3)

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Last 10 National Title Games (8-2) Losses Michigan 2013, Connecticut 2014