By: Evan Jankens

This weekend, the former Kelly B. Hall officially became Mrs. Matthew Stafford. And judging by the amount of times she Instagrammed leading up to it, we have to think she was excited.

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Lions’ QB Stafford and the former Ms. Hall have been together since their college days, and she always seems to have his back, so it was nice to see them tie the knot.

This wasn’t your typical wedding, though. According to and confirmed by lots of social media pics, guests at what looked to be the lavish wedding received a pair of Nike shoes and a custom airbrushed trucker hats as their parting gifts.

It’s ironic because Stafford has been criticized numerous times on the way he wears his hat.

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In other wedding news, Lions’ WR Golden Tate made sure he was prepared for the wedding as he got an IV beforehand. (Does that really work to prevent a hangover?)

That’s the way to prep for a wedding!

Overall, it looked like a beautiful event; The Staffords got matching gifts from Eric Ebron that seems to sum up their laid-back look at couplehood.

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He got them matching white sneakers.