“Why can’t we make a healthy sucker that’s good for your teeth,” said 9-year-old Alina Morse in a promotional video for her invention Zollipops. The Walled Lake, Mich. girl tells the story of how the idea came to her and the journey of launching her “sweet” sucker empire.

Morse explaining some of the chemistry and benefits of Zollipops said, “We found out that xylitol and erythritol would work really good together. They raise the pH in your mouth. They neutralize the acid. They actually help strengthen your tooth enamel and they also help reduce the risk of cavities and tooth decay.”

Part of the “Steve Harvey” show’s “Extraordinary Kid” segment, Morse appears on an April 7 episode to share her story with Harvey’s audience. The show can be seen on CBS 62 in Detroit at 4 p.m. weekdays.

The kid’s version of the healthy lollipop is available at Whole Foods, Amazon.com and OfficeMax.com.

What would Morse tell another kid with a big idea? “Just believe in yourself and believe in your business. You can really do anything even if you’re a kid,” said Morse.

Zollipops has brought in $70,000 in 2014 and the forecast for this year is an astonishing $250,000.