By: Mike Sullivan

If you ever ask Jeff Lesson why he hates Tiger Woods, expect a simple three word answer:

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Just. The. Facts.

The truth is, 97.1 The Ticket update anchor and host of Lesson On Golf, Jeff Lesson, claims he doesn’t hate Tiger Woods at all. (

However, if you’ve ever listened to one of his updates, you’d think otherwise. Yet, Jeff will constantly claim that he just reports what happens and the listeners draw their own conclusions.

Dating back to the summer of 2013 when I was just a young intern here at The Ticket, I began compiling every single sports update that Jeff Lesson did in which he mentioned Tiger Woods.

Here’s the funny thing. Our updates are generally around 60-90 seconds, and the anchors rarely say anything about golf, yet alone Tiger Woods. Our Ticket updates are filled with Detroit sports material. However, Lesson, more times than not, finds a way to include something about Tiger Woods at the end of his update.

For example, I’m including a few of my personal favorite Lesson updates below.

But, I’m going to let you decide whether or not Jeff Lesson expresses a little displeasure towards Mr. Woods. I’ve decided that it’s finally time to share this compilation with the world!

Listen to the 13 minute collection of the best Jeff Lesson “Tiger Woods Updates” over the years and see for yourself:

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My personal favorite Jeff Lesson/Tiger Woods updates:

“Woods refused to sign autographs yesterday and blamed it on a temporary fence falling over, leaving hundreds of small children disappointed.”

“Tiger Woods shot a pretty scintillating 6-under 30 at a nine hole practice session yesterday at the Augusta National Golf Club. The last time Tiger actually won the Masters, we had never heard of the iPhone, Twitter, Justin Bieber, or Perkins waitresses.”

“Woods is 9 shots back right now. He’s also getting better containing his legendary temper, as a live television mic only caught him cursing twice and slamming his club once during the entire 5 hour broadcast.”

“Woods was given ample credit for playing very well in round one, in fact, the former world number one played so well, he only finished 2 shots behind someone who is eligible for social security.”

“Tiger Woods had to pull out of the Bridgestone after re-injuring his back. It’s the seventh time in his illustrious career that the 38 year old has withdrawn from a tournament. By age 38, Jack Nicklaus had withdrawn once.”

“Tiger Woods and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn on the Broncos sideline last night as Denver gave the Chiefs their first loss, 27-17. NBC decided it was important enough to show the happy couple on camera even after the game had started.”

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“Tiger Woods courageously playing the TPC of Boston today, despite nearly abliterating his back last week from sleeping on a hotel pillow. Something apparently he is not used to after 18 years of playing on the PGA Tour.”