By Dan Jenkins

Thrill-seekers heading to Ohio must be willing to shell out a few extra bucks to ride their favorite roller coasters this summer.

According to Susan Glaser of The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cedar Point will be increasing its admission prices to $62 for a single-day pass this season.

“Ticket prices this year reflect an increase in the admissions tax in Sandusky, where voters last fall approved a hike in the city income tax.
That income tax increase triggered a hike in the city’s admissions tax, which went from 3 to 4 percent. Four percent of a $62 ticket is about $2.50.”

According to park spokesman Bryan Edwards, many visitors still will buy discounted tickets online and through third-party vendors.

The park is readying a new addition to its coaster lineup this season — Rougarou. The ride, which Cedar Point touts as a “new floorless roller coaster,” will premiere this season utilizing the structure and track of the now-defunct Mantis “stand up” ride – which was scrapped due to unpopularity.

For park operation dates, hours and more information, visit this link.


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