By: Jeff Riger

It’s always nice to get both sides of the story…

Being just days away from the fight of the century, everything has intensified in Las Vegas and at the MGM. On Thursday at radio row, Floyd Mayweather Sr got poetic when told that Freddie Roach wondered if Floyd Mayweather Jr. would even show up for the fight considering the Mayweather camp has been fighting the Pacquiao camp on almost every detail of the bout.

“Freddie Roach is a joke, blowing smoke with no hope” Mayweather Sr. said.

And, then Roach had a chance to respond. When told of the comments, Roach said “if you interrupted him in the middle of that poem he won’t be able to finish it, I know this, I learned this along the way.” Roach also wanted to set the record straight that Mayweather Sr. has never beat him anytime they have gone up against each other as trainers and that gives him confidence for Saturdays fight.

Most people seem to be picking Mayweather to win on Saturday night and that’s fine with Roach as he loves being the underdog. “We are definitely underdogs and we love being the underdogs going into the fight. We’re making a little extra money at the window and I love that when I’m an underdog” Roach said.

Despite Pacquiao’s underdog status Roach believes his fighter will be victorious come Saturday saying “I do think we’ll knock him out in about the 9th round.”