DETROIT (WWJ) A Detroit clothing company has an edgy message for the rest of the world.

Bryan Young with ‘I Am Detroit’ says their shirts and other items create a positive buzz about the city, with most incorporating the city’s skyline.

But the shirt that has people talking is the one that says “My city is bigger than yours.” But “My city” has been replaced with “My D”– as in Detroit. Let’s just call it a double D entendre.

“You know, Nike had a shirt that was ‘my swoosh is bigger than yours and we kind of just did a play off that, but then it really caught on,” he said.

Young added it really does have meaning, promoting Detroit as bigger and better than its competitors, no matter how bad the rap it gets around the world.

“… My city is bigger than yours, my team is bigger than yours. But does it ride that line? Yes, a little bit,” he conceded.

There’s a version for women, too, with a plural, as in “My Ds are bigger than yours.” (Wait a minute, get it in your minds’ eye … There it is!)

They retail for $25. You can buy the T-shirts here.



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