FERNDALE (WWJ) – Mallory Brown had been planning a trip to Nepal for quite awhile, so when the devastating earthquake struck, she decided to maintain her plan to visit — with a twist.

Brown, 28, of Ferndale, is now currently in Kathmandu, helping with disaster relief efforts. With her, she’s brought bringing waterproof, inflatable lights that charge on solar power during the day and provide 8 to 10 hours of light at night, through the help of crowdrise, a fundraising program that brings good works to places around the world.

While major relief organizations are distributing food, water, tents, and immediate health care to survivors, Brown and other volunteers are focused on health and wellness within the camps, including sanitation.

This isn’t Brown’s first foray into the world of giving. Five years ago, she founded World Clothes Line, an online “buy one, give one” apparel brand. The organization matches each customer’s purchase, giving clothing to people in impoverished areas.

To donate directly to the Nepal Disaster Relief fundraiser, visit www.crowdrise.com/MalloryinNepal. To purchase clothing from World Clothes Line, visit www.WorldClothesLine.com/Shop.


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