WARREN (WWJ) – A group of metro Detroit students were left stranded at their high school prom, because their limousine driver was arrested and taken away by police.

The whole thing unfolded Thursday night as students from Berkley High School were celebrating their senior prom at Andiamo Banquet Center on 14 Mile Road in Warren.

When the end of the night rolled around, a group of students went to board their limousine party-bus — but the school principal blocked their way, saying no one was allowed back on the bus and that the students needed to call their parents for a ride home.

“Apparently, what transpired is some seniors had come back onto the bus and were doing things they were not supposed to be doing,” a parent, whose child was a part of the group, told WWJ’s Laura Bonnell.

When two students apparently started getting sick, employees at Andiamo were alerted to the situation, and they notified police. Officers arrived on the scene and after talking with several students, determined that the two students had apparently consumed pot brownies.

Officers at the scene searched the limo bus and its driver, per department policy, and discovered that the driver was wanted for a probation violation stemming from a felony assault conviction in Wayne County. At that point, the driver was placed under arrest and taken straight to jail, according to police, and the limo bus was ordered impounded.

The two students involved were taken to the hospital for observation before being released to their parents. School officials say only one of them attends Berkley High School. It’s unclear if the pair will face any charges.

A school spokesperson confirmed the incident, adding that all students made it home safely from the prom.

However, disputing the parent’s story about what exactly happened is Jessica Stilger, Communications Supervisor for Berkley Schools.

She wants to make it clear that students are never permitted to go back and forth from prom to a bus or limo unsupervised.

“Our students, if their forget something on their buses, are supervised by a chaperon or one of the principals,” Stilger said. “They grab their items they’ve forgotten and are supervised all the way back to the door.”

The incident has left many parents with conflicted feelings, but one thing is for sure — they want someone to be held accountable.

“I was extremely happy that my son was not involved in it and there were no injuries, but I’m enraged because the limo company didn’t do its job, having a felon driving my children around,” one parents said. “There needs to be an accountability issue here with that limo company.”

Dearborn Heights-based Entertainment Express Limo, which owns the impounded bus, said they had no comment on the incident before quickly hanging up the phone.

An investigation is ongoing.


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