By: Evan Jankens

Former Detroit Tiger Torii Hunter decided to take a shot at today’s youth.

Maybe it’s not a shot at the youth as much as it is at the parents, coaches and teachers who try to reward every kid so that no one feels bad about themselves — ever.

When I was growing up and participating in sports, winning was all I ever wanted. The only time you were recognized is when you won. I grew up knowing that if I didn’t win then I would be forgotten in that sport. Losers are never remembered. Think about it, who lost the NBA title last year, who lost the World Series in 2011?

No one remembers the losers, only the winners.

Now it seems like in sports even the losers are rewarded. Kids earn things like ninth place ribbons and participation trophies.

But it’s not a good idea for Torii Hunter.

The post is actually quite funny and I don’t agree that kids who are given trophies for losing become “annoying adults.” There are lots of other reasons people become annoying.

This is a topic that has been talked about on 97.1 The Ticket in the past but I have to ask, should every kid who participates in a sporting event receive a trophy?


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