DETROIT (WWJ) — We know sugar is not good for us, but there are things you can do to cut it out of your diet.

If you want to get sugar out of your diet, start by reading food labels, says registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick.

“What I tell my patients on day one of meeting them is if you see sugar in the first five ingredients of any food product in your pantry, put it in the trash,” Kirkpatrick said. “They’re so surprised when they come back and say ‘Gosh, my barbecue sauce, my salad dressing — I couldn’t believe how much sugar.”

Kirkpatrick recommends keeping sugar-less snacks on hand that are high in fiber and will fill you up.

If you have a sugar craving, try eating a piece of fruit or some nuts. Also, make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. According to one study, sleep-deprived people find it more difficult to say no to sweets because of the effect sleeplessness has on the reward centers of our brains.